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How to get stuff for FREE online

2013-12-10 03:06:01 by Stretchysumo

Want to get free stuff on the internet without doing much? Well, it's pretty easy. I'm going to tell you about a few sites that you earn points to get free stuff on. For the best results, you should use both of these sites to maximize your gains.

First off, we have This site is probably the easiest to get a good start on. First, go to videos and open a bunch of tabs watching the sponsorpay videos. Next, do the rewardTV offer. Do all the click offers for matomy and peanutlabs under coin offers. Also, search using the search bar at random times. Searching will occasionally give you points. Next, clear out all the tasks. This should give you a very good head start.

Then, we have This one is the best for prize redemption times and general offers. Here is a great guide on how to easily complete offers and get them to credit;,7094.0.html. This applies to the Rewards1 offers as well.

There you have it. You, too, can get free stuff by fucking around on the internet. If you decide to join these, you can PM me and I may be able to point you towards some easy credit offers.



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2014-01-08 17:39:45

I will have to check it out! Thanks for spreading the word!


2014-01-28 17:48:57

Is there a safe way to get str8 money instead of credit?

Stretchysumo responds:

Do the cash surveys. Don't bother with r1 surveys, but PR has a ton and they always credit. I've gotten over $200 worth of stuff from this shit. R1 has a trading system where you can trade pts for cash with other users, though.


2014-01-28 23:22:08

Oh yeah, a tip for US users doing PR. Do the xiaflex and alcon contact lens offers. Very quick and 60pts each. Xiaflex doesn't even need any info, just a zipcode.


2014-02-15 17:54:26

How many direct refs yet :)

Stretchysumo responds:

I only got 1 ref from this and they only earned me like 6 cents. If I was really serious about racking up referrals I'd make a YouTube video or something, but I figured if I left this post here I might get lucky and get a few here and there. Got over $250 worth of stuff total without really any help from refs, but I used to bot PR hardcore to make it faster with a firefox addon. It was called fizix pointgainer, but I don't have it anymore.


2014-04-14 22:06:26

is this avaiable for europe?

Stretchysumo responds:



2014-07-06 14:03:36

Feels like there's something evil like a hacker, or a virus, or even.... Spam *shudders at the end of that link.


2014-07-12 05:51:38

stretchysumos only


2015-03-15 23:05:14



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2015-09-10 13:55:07

I can't trust it. Sorry. :<